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How to Install Gutter Bird Spikes

Posted by Chris Voyce on

The installation process for Gutter Bird Spikes is slightly different to standard bird spikes but still a very simple process. See below for a guide to correct installation of these unique spikes.

Gutter Spikes Installed on House

What you will need:

  • Gutter Bird Spikes
  • Ladder (or similar height access)
  • Self tapping screws (optional)
  • Drill (optional)
  • Gloves

1. Position spike strip on the inside of the gutter lip. The vertical row of spikes should be pointing upwards just inside the lip and the angled row of spikes should be pointing back across the gutter towards the roof.

Gutter Spikes Installation

2. Bend the clip around the lip with a pair of pliers. The clips have pre-drilled holes to allow for the option of using self taping screws or rivets to hold the spikes in place.

Gutter Bird Spikes Installed

The vertical row of spikes are designed to stop birds from perching on the lip of the gutter, while the angled row of spikes are designed to block birds from gaining access to the gutter and either nesting in the gutter or getting up under the roofing

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