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Anti Bird Spikes - Extra Wide

  • $19.95

Note - Price is per metre

Anti Bird Spikes - Extra Wide are an effective, economical and maintenance free method to evict birds from an area. Polycarbonate base spikes are constructed from a durable UV stabilised polycarbonate to withstand harsh conditions.

Anti Bird Spikes - Extra Wide have polycarbonate bases which are extremely light weight, resilient and flexible. Polycarbonate base spikes are suitable any domestic or small/medium areas, including pergolas, ledges, machinery, air conditioning units etc. Spikes are a humane method of deterring birds as they avoid the area entirely when they approach and see the spikes.


  • Widest spike available, with extra stability and interlocking spikes to prevent birds nesting.
  • 310mm ultra-wide protection coverage
  • Incredibly durable, UV stabilised polycarbonate base
  • Hardened spring stainless steel prevents bending or deforming of spikes.
  • Blunted tips to safely deter birds
  • Wide base steady and firm installation


  • Base: Polycarbonate
  • Spike: #304 stainless steel
  • Length: 333mm (sold in a bundle of 3 pieces = 1 metre)
  • Height: 150mm
  • Width: 240mm
  • Pitch: 28mm

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