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Stick on Base for Bird Post & Wire

Stick on Bases 10pk

  • $25.90

Pack Size: 10

Colour: Grey

For use with Bird Posts in the Bird Post & Wire System. Stick on bases are an alternative to using Anchor Rivets and drilling into the ledge or surface. Stick on bases can be glued to the surface using a suitable high tack adhesive such as AVIFIX.

In order for the bases to be glued, it is important that the ledge surface is sufficiently prepared.

Bird droppings and other debris must be cleaned off the ledge prior to gluing.

Porous surfaces need to be sealed.

Use a cleaner to remove grease and oil deposits from metal surfaces.

Apply the AVIFIX adhesive and press firmly on the base allowing the glue rivets to flow through the holes.

Allow the AVIFIX to ‘cure’ for 24 hours before installing the springs and wire.

Standard Springs can be used with this item.

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