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Sandbag Base Attachment

  • $55.00

The Sand bag is a great, versatile option that is a good base for the Bird Spider or the Bird Sweeper. A popular mounting option for this product as it can go anywhere. Fill it with up to 3 kgs of sand (not provided) and then move it where you need the birds off protection. It comes WITH OUT sand in it. It has a sleeve in it so you can easily put sand in it. Won't blow over in most winds, very stable platform. 

Screw the three stainless screws in to the sandbag base for the Bird Spider or two screws into the base for the Bird Sweeper to secure either of the bird deterrents to your sandbag. Takes seconds to set up.  the sandbag also has plastic tabs so you can attach a rope or lanyard to secure it to you sun shade, deck or bimini. Very versatile and one of our top sellers. Mounts either the Bird Spider or the Bird Sweeper.

Easy to set up, easy to stow and all at a great price! (to install the spider or sweep base to the sand bag, get the three stainless steel screws or two stainless steel screws depending on your deterrent that come with the sweep or spider, and position the base on to the sand bag centre, screw the stainless screws into the sandbag backing. The three screws should just nip or cut into the sand bag base to secure it).

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