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King's Duck Solution

King's Duck Solution

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King's Duck Solution is the all natural answer to ducks gathering and fouling areas around swimming pools, pontoons, jetties, entertainment areas and alike. This solution can be applied to areas that are tiled, bricked, pebbled or paved while avoiding areas that are made of porous materials such as sandstone and timber.

Ducks have been the bane of many property owners since Noah built the Ark. Now we have the solution. No more fake owls, fake snakes, fishing line strung over the pool or the daily grind of cleaning up the mess. Finally there is a safe and friendly way to encourage the ducks to move on.

Our custom made solution will stop the pesky ducks from hanging around. The natural pheromones placed in the product , coupled with the binding agent ensures that ducks won't like the smell and will move on and off your property.

King's Duck Solution is a secret blend of herbs and spices that will naturally remove ducks from any location after one application in a matter of 5-8 days. For best results simply shake well and pour straight from the bottle, further applictation instructions are featured on the product label.

It works so well that the ducks will leave with only bitter memories of their visit. Eventually all visiting groups of ducks will get the message and move on. This product will not harm the ducks in any way

The product will last about 2 to 3 weeks if you have good , consistent dry weather . It is pre mixed so all you have to do is open the can and poor on the contents to the desired area. Sometime you can use a brush or broom to even it out and spread it over a larger area.

Product can be thinned out if desired, although not recommended for pesky ducks that have formed a habit.

Product is all natural and breaks down and wears out over time. Can turn grass brown if too concentrated on one area please note.

All organic and natural so its not harmful to kids or pets.

Couple this product along with our other visual decoys to get the peskiest ducks off your property and out of your life. Our products all work well together to create an uncomfortable and hostile environment.



  • Ducks like to travel in pairs and it is quite common to have more than one pair of ducks visiting.
  • Ducks tend to habit the same spot as they feel safe, have a good vision of the surrounds and can quickly take to the air when needed.
  • It is important to act promptly once the duck begins to visit. (see reasons given below)  Keep a bottle of Kings Duck Solution handy.
  • Ducks normally breed twice a year and not always with the same partner. Ducks will breed when food and water is in good supply.
  • Ducks seem to stay away during rainy periods.
  • Duck droppings in pool water pose no health risk as long as the sanitizer levels are kept at a higher than normal level. Frequent shock dosing  is the recommended practice. Phosphate levels are also adversely affected.
  • Duck droppings allowed to remain and dry on the ground will harbor a mold that if ingested will cause long term heath concerns. Young children are most at risk here.
  • Kings Duck Solution is all about changing the ducks habit. If you have many tens of ducks visiting then positive results will be slow at first and given time, fewer ducks will show. A second treatment may be necessary in order to extend the treatment period. Remember not all ducks will visit at the same time. Some may show daily while others may turn up weekly.
  • If Kings Duck Solution is to be used on a slippery tiled surface it is best to rope off the area during the treatment period.
  • Surprisingly Ducks are more active around dusk and dawn preferring to rest throughout the day.
  • Kings Duck Solution works best when free poured directly from the bottle on to the area to be treated forming either a small puddle or a thin wavey line. If treating a large area then spot treatments work best.
  • Do not expect the bird to "bounce" off treated areas. The bird will move on as long as it has no better reason to be there. Some of these reasons include;  Male ducks molt their (flying) feathers and become territorial afer mating and will prefer to remain in the area for 3-4 weeks; Females begin to molt after nesting and also lose the ability to fly for a few weeks. If your ducks decide to stay after a 14 day period then stop and do another treatment 2 weeks later.
  • Once the ducklings have hatched, the male will leave (his job done) and it is then up to the mother to raise the chicks. It is not long before they are ready to fly.
  • Always clean the area first. Apply solution to the target area and allow to dry naturally. Don’t bother treating areas where the ducks do not stand.
  • Avoid hosing area during treatment period. It best to clean treated area regularly by sweeping away dried droppings.

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