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Hail Cross Weave Netting

  • $119.95

Our 70GSM Cross-Weave mesh features a series of "primary" mesh rows, with additional cross weave stitches throughout. It is a strong netting with primary applications being:

  • Small Mesh Anti Bird Netting
  • Hail Protection netting
  • Socially responsible wildlife choice of netting.

The benefit of the cross-weave design is to allow the mesh size to be reduced, whilst keeping weight and overall shade creation to a minimum.

This netting features a REINFORCED 40mm edging along the long sides of the net.

A wildlife friendly option, this netting offers excellent protection against smaller pests AND hail damage. At 70GSM, it is a strong material, however keep in mind this construction will provide 25% shade coverage and an increased wind rating. It is most commonly used where hail and small pests are the primary concern, however keep in mind it results in a difficult passage for bees.


  • Hail Netting
  • Small Mesh Bird Netting
  • Socially responsible wildlife choice of netting


Colour: White
Manufacture: Polyethylene
Mesh Size: 10mm Primary Lines with Additional Cross Weaves (approx size 2-3mm)
GSM: 70
Other: 25% shade, UV treated & 40mm reinforced edging

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