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Bird Netting - Heavy Duty

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Recent new regulations have been introduced in the State of Victoria which affects the sale and purchase off certain styles of bird netting for fruit tree use in households only. The law states that fruit netting for Household use must have a mesh-size of 5 mm x 5 mm or less. Based on this criteria this particular netting is not available for sale into VIC for personal household use. The law does NOT apply to anyone growing for commercial use.

Available Sizes:

  • 5 Metres x 10 Metres
  • 10 Metres x 10 Metres
  • 10 Metres x 20 Metres
  • 10 Metres x 50 Metres
  • 10 Metres x 100 Metres
  • 15 Metres x 25 Metres
  • 15 Metres x 50 Metres
  • 15 Metres x 100 Metres
  • 20 Metres x 20 Metres
  • 20 Metres x 40 Metres
  • 20 Metres x 100 Metres

Heavy Duty Structural Bird Netting is suitable for use as a block out net on commercial buildings and other structures such as car parks, aircraft hangers, sheds, loading docks and residential buildings. It features a 19mm square, knotted hole to block out both small and large birds and is UV stabilised for long life in harsh conditions. 


  • To be used in places with high levels of bird infestation.
  • Effective, Versatile, Discreet, Durable and Humane.
  • The corners of the net are marked for ease of installation.
  • Does not absorb water, so does not stretch and is chemically inert.
  • UV stabilised for use the world over.
  • Twisted twine 6 strands thick (12/6).
  • Twine Diameter = 0.85-0.9mm
  • Twine Weight = 0.44-0.45g/m, weight of net = 17sq/m per kg.
  • Break Strength = 15kg
  • Mesh size - 19mm square hole 
  • Weight - 45gsm


Heavy Duty Bird Netting or Anti Bird Netting is a form of bird pest control. It is a net used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas.

Heavy Duty Bird Netting is one of the most effective and long lasting ways of bird proofing buildings and other structures against all urban bird species. It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects premises without harming the birds. Heavy Duty Bird Netting is particularly effective for large open areas such as roofs and loading docks.

Heavy Duty Bird Netting is used as a physical barrier to prevent unwanted birds from accessing, landing, perching, nesting or roosting in particular areas. In urban situations Heavy Duty Bird Netting is often used to prevent pest birds such as pigeons, indian mynas, sparrows and starlings from accessing areas such as car park buildings, roofs, entrance awnings, plant rooms, shopping centre walkways and atrium's, warehouses and factories, loading docks, etc.

The are several benefits of using Heavy Duty Bird Netting as a control method for pest birds. These include:

  • Its humane - Heavy Duty Bird Netting is not designed to harm the birds in any way. As opposed to alternative methods such as baiting or shooting.
  • Effectiveness - When done properly Heavy Duty Bird Netting is by far and away the best method of bird prevention. Bird Netting provides a physical barrier that birds cannot breach or penetrate meaning instant and long term results.
  • Costs - Installing Heavy Duty bird netting can be a much cheaper alternative than bird spiking all possible roosting areas or using deterrents that only provide short term results.
  • Aesthetics - Heavy Duty Bird Netting, especially black Bird Netting, is far less visible than bird spikes and other deterrents.
  • Immediate results - Heavy Duty Bird Netting provides an immediate solution for many bird and bat problems.
  • Saves money - Designed to keep birds and bats out of valuable crops, preventing expensive losses that can occur.
  • Versatility - Heavy Duty Bird Netting can be used over a permanent structure or can be applied as a re-usable drape over net.

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