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Bird Deterrent Spider

  • $79.95

Available Sizes:
  • 4 Foot / 120cm
  • 6 Foot / 180cm
  • 8 Foot / 240cm

The Bird Deterrent Spider is visual bird scarer used to scare away large pest birds.

The Bird Deterrent Spider "Arms" Move with the Breeze to Scare Pest Birds Away!

The Bird Deterrent Spider is a stand alone bird scarer used to scare large pest birds away from concentrated areas. The Bird Deterrent Spider “arms” bounce and sway in the wind, creating a visual distraction zone, birds will not want to come near the area being treated.

The Bird Deterrent Spider is offered in three different sizes: 120cm, 180cm, 240cm and have optional portable bases for easy removal and storage.

Effective for:

  •     Pigeons
  •     Seagulls
  •     Crows Etc

The Bird Deterrent Spider is highly effective for large pest birds, and is not recommended for small birds, or for use in areas where birds have been nesting


The Bird Deterrent Spider is ideal for concentrated areas where large pest birds have become a nuisance:

  • Boats / Boat Covers and Canvases
  • Docks
  • Biminis
  • Light posts
  • Air conditioner units
  • Skylights
  • Dock pilings
  • Signs
  • Rooftops


  • Keep Pest Birds from Landing & Roosting!
  • Virtually Invisible!
  • No Assembly Required!
  • Ideal for use on Boats & Marinas!
  • Optional Bases make the Bird Spider adaptable & versatile!
  • Ideal for situations where Bird-B-Gone Polycarbonate Bird Spikes are not practical
  • Available in 120cm, 180cm, 240cm diameters

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